Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Daily Pump Trap: 8/2/11 edition

Good morning! Between July 28 and August 1, there were 39 new positions posted on the ACS Careers website. Of these, 12 (31%) of the positions are academically related. 4 (10%) are from Kelly Scientific Resources.

A nice office job: Alfa Aesar is looking for a B.S. chemist to be a catalog specialist; looks like you'll want a little laboratory experience.

A temporary bench job: Vertex, that longtime champion of ACS Careers, is looking for a temporary senior research scientist in medicinal chemistry. Check out this requirement: "Ph.D and 4-7 years of productive, relevant post doctoral employment experience, or MS and 7+ years of relevant employment experience, or BS and 10+ years of relevant employment experience."

Now that's like post post-doc, right? Right? P.S. It's for 90 days. Kthxbai.

A job with a reactor: BASF desires a B.S./M.S./Ph.D. chemist to run a Temporal Analysis of Products reactor; experience with that reactor or surface science / catalysis experience desired.

A job we've seen before: Avon Products is looking for a Ph.D. medicinal chemist to work on "identification and acquisition of novel bioactive ingredients that can be used in skin care products", among other things. Experience in pharma or personal care ingredients desired, as well as experience in product development. I guess they haven't found someone they like yet.

A job in the Big D: UT Southwestern Medical Center wishes to hire B.S./M.S. medicinal chemists. Wanted to work in academia? Here's your chance!

Another job in Texas: Nalco (in Sugar Land, TX, not to be confused with the band) is looking for an experienced B.S./M.S./Ph.D. analytical chemist. SEM/EDS experience desired, whatever that is.

A job that's all wrong: Bad Kelly! After a long, long time of doing things the right way, they let one slip through. Are you a chemist? Do you like chemistry? How about being a certified pathologist's assistant, where you will "triage and accessioning surgical specimens in accordance with established procedures." Big sigh.


  1. Is the VRTX position really a 90 day or is it a "do a good job for 3 months and we'll hire you"?

    I would think (but don't know) that is VRTX were looking for just a 3 mth plug it'd be easier to go through a temp agency: probably a decent supply of chemists wanting a job in Boston.

  2. Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy
    and probably Scanning Electron Microscope.

    Nalco just got bought by Ecolab- the combined company will be the largest water chemical services company in the country, I think.

    Chemistry isn't just drugs.

  3. "Chemistry isn't just drugs."

    Well aware of that.

  4. Yeah, but now that Merck is announcing 13,000 job cuts their off-topic ads are probably going to decline in number. Someone has to pick up the slack.

  5. BASF is still looking for someone to run their TAP reactor?

    I know of only a handful of academic groups worldwide that are working on TAP. BASF's HR department could probably find all their candidates in an afternoon if they were worth their salt.

  6. re the SouthWestern job, is it telling that you can't seem to find details on their own website, or am I being blind here?

  7. Hey now, don't y'all be hatin' on Vertex for offering the 3-month contract. Who cares about long-term employment w/ benefits when you could have a remote chance of working with Derek Lowe?! Jobless Boston-area chemists, start flooding the Vertex website!

  8. I was previewing Yablonsky's new book on kinetics and he states that "no less than 15 groups in different parts of the world...are using this technique [TAP]." It seems you could phone all fifteen in an afternoon.

    BASF must have an internal rule stating they must post the position even if they have a candidate lined up. The posting makes no sense otherwise.


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