Friday, August 5, 2011

Chemjobber senryus

All my humor seems to be falling mostly flat these days, so time for some haikus senryus:

Hella long column 
Sigh, two spots on TLC
I'll do it again

Their compounds bind well
We can't reproduce it here
Well, someone is wrong. 

Boss: Crazy idea!
Chemist: It's a waste of time.
Boss: Get to it, son. 

Oily yellow mess
Try recrystallization
White crystals are neat!

Awful day in stocks
Retirement is looking
Like a pipe dream now. 


  1. Last one - bummer

  2. Outsourcing more jobs.
    While the CEO's get rich.
    You want fries with that?

    7am call in.
    They're making stupid compounds!
    At least they are cheap.

    Inane team meeting.
    More tables, graphs and pie-charts!
    Shoot me in the head.

  3. Dear chemjobber
    What kind of chemist are you employed as?
    Just curious.
    thanks Donna

  4. I am a synthetic organic chemist.

  5. I have resigned myself to the fact that my days as a medicinal chemist are over. Sigh. One of my greatest joys in the lab was crystallization. Seemed magical.

  6. Six figure sal'ry
    Straight out of graduate school
    Best days behind us?

    Solvent at reflux
    Did you connect condenser?
    Scalded bubbling mess

    Online career board
    Where's the med chem jobs we want?
    Outsourced to Asia

  7. Got laid off this week
    Chemistry group is now gone
    Paper or plastic?

    Job market is bad
    ACS seems worthless now
    Hope to change careers

  8. Two hundred students
    Emailing to change sections
    Grow up! Forget it!


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