Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Daily Pump Trap: 7/29/15 edition

A few of the positions posted on C&EN Jobs:

Albany, NY (among others): I see that AMRI is hiring, with 7 positions posted. (AMRI still has a facility in Buffalo? Or was it the Syracuse one that was closed?) 

Tewksbury, MA: Cambridge Isotopes is looking for an experienced Ph.D. synthetic organic chemist. Also, a group leader. 

Boston, MA: Kala Pharmaceuticals is looking for an experienced process chemist for crystallization development. ("API nanocrystals"? That's a new one.)  

Stamford, CT: Cytec Industries posted 3 positions, including an organic chemist position (experience with phosphorus and sulfur chemistry desired.)

Sunrise, FL: Partikula is looking for, well, you: 
You are a highly motivated scientist with a strong organic and/or metallic polymer chemistry background. You will become an integral member of a top-caliber team focused on the discovery and development of novel anti-cancer therapies based on cancer metabolism and apoptosis, branching out to other diseases over time.
Best wishes, you. (All of you.) 


  1. AMRI closed Syracuse but opened Buffalo recently using a grant from New York State

  2. Partikula is looking for the narrator of Bright Lights, Big City?

  3. AMRI's close of Syracuse got rid of most of the process chemistry department there and moved a few people (something like three), plus the equipment, to Albany. The Buffalo site is going to be activities like DMPK and medicinal chemistry. I'm not surprised that most of those positions are for analytical, since they keep buying and expanding sites with no analytical capability and treat their analytical chemists badly, so they keep quitting. (They're having people in other departments quit as well, but analytical is probably the worst.) The worst part about working at AMRI wasn't the projects, or the equipment, or generally even the customers, but management. Especially the new CEO and his cronies.

  4. I am mildly interested in Partikula, what they are up to - they sound mysterious. If anyone knows about them. One thing I would really worry about is their VC backers - how soon they want to sell and cash out...

    1. @Milkshake:

      Here is one of the original technology inventors:

      Other recent info about the Professor Dhar:

      I agree with you--therapeutic targeting of mitochondria is intriguing and notoriously difficult.
      I still think the concept of targeted therapeutic nanoparticles is cool, so best of luck to them.
      Their company location is not exactly in the most glamorous part of Broward County though.

      BTW, I also like your blog ;-)

    2. @Milkshake:

      It's always nice to see unconventional pharma research being done outside of Boston or San Francisco. Yeah, yeah, I know that they are accepted as pharma/biotech hubs, but sometimes I feel that innovative diversity in science is being stifled by the seemingly rampant academic nepotism in those areas. Maybe it's just me being cynical...

  5. You can try out crystalline nanoparticles in drug delivery if you're not getting the exposure you're looking for from traditional crystalline forms, and you don't want to go down the rabbit hole of spray-dried dispersions. Can work for some APIs, although it adds an extra challenge to the analytical side.

    In Kala's case they've figured out a way to re-engineer the surface properties of nanoparticles to get better retention and transit through mucosa to allow for modified delivery of traditionally poorly-absorbed compounds. Neat stuff from a delivery point of view.

    1. passing through the intestinal mucosa in the form of sharp needles. (Just kidding)

  6. ....and several of the many "jobs" advertised on the C&EN website having nothing to do with chemistry:

    Is this a consequence of the ACS outsourcing its job advertisements to another company?