Friday, July 31, 2015

Endeavorist seeking part-time workers

From the inbox, a scientific crowdsourcing site looking for help:  
Endeavorist Ambassador position: part-time, virtual, potential for some serious beer money.  
Help us bring curious people together to crowdfund education, business ventures, or experiments- and get paid to do it!  
Endeavorist Ambassadors represent and promote Endeavorist within their academic and social environments, primarily with the purpose of driving new, active users to the platform. They are passionate individuals who understand the scope and mission of Endeavorist. Help us  identify open-minded students and researchers in need of funding for their projects, and encourage them to crowdfund their work via Endeavorist. 
For every campaign that is launched by the ambassador, we pay $100. If the campaign successfully completes, we pay $50 or 2%, which ever is greater.  
Applicants can read more about responsibilities here or email for more information. 
Best wishes to those interested.  

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  1. Some weird anti-GMO stuff going on there.