Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Ivory Filter Flask: 7/21/15 edition

A few of the academically-related positions posted on C&EN Jobs:

Bakersfield, CA: CSU-Bakersfield is looking for a tenure-track assistant professor of organic chemistry for fall 2016.

Storrs, CT: B.S. chemist technician position available at the University of Connecticut.

Orangeburg, SC: Want to be a chair of a chemistry department? Claflin University is looking for one.

Galway, Ireland: NUI Galway is looking for a "lecturer (below the bar)" in inorganic chemistry. Salary appears to be €36,230 ($39635) to €51,104 ($55907). Huh, that's not much (maybe the cost of living is low in Galway?)

Tuscaloosa, AL: Postdoctoral position in organometallic chemistry, towards "transition metal catalysis and in the area of ruthenium anticancer compounds."


  1. A trip down the local in Ireland can set you back as much as €20 (and in my case, rather more than that).

    It's a fair bit cheaper than SF or Boston, but then again, most places are.

  2. Cost of living isn't low in Galway, rather I'd imagine they're hoping some of the many overqualified postdocs will take a paycut in order to get their foot in the door for a permanent job...