Friday, June 16, 2017

From the files of Fred Schmoley, Axis Gotham EH&S

With apologies to Tim Burton


  1. 1) Not sure chain-link fencing would have done much good, unless backed up by a lot of security and monitoring.

    2) Maybe the FLONX tanks were bought from a distillery - they didn't come with covers, and the people who fell in accidentally desperately fought off attempts to pull them out.

  2. PMT Response:

    1) It is unnecessary to cover Vat 7. Its edge is clearly marked with yellow stripes. If some joker did fall in, it's his/her fault.

    2) Last New Year's eve, two Building 3 operators reported they saw a woman in a leather cat suit. We investigated and found several empty whiskey bottles and tape recorder playing the Dazz Band's "Let It Whip".

    3) Shutdown of production was slowed because several operators were setting up Vat 20 for making one of the actinide FLONXes, FLONX-U.