Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Process Wednesday: couple of short items edition

Couple of things: 


  1. I would dispute the quote in the C&EN article “Hopefully, this report will change the way that fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals are made,” Cole says, “by modernizing the manufacturing process and bringing it into the 21st century.” Many chemicals, especially petrochemical based, have long been prepared by continuous processes therefore pharmaceutical industry is "catching up" to 20th century technology because were afraid to utilize what engineers are taught as fundamental art and chemists view as odd. Main reason was "fear of FDA acceptance" and that has moved in positive directions to enable.

    1. As recently as March, I've heard pharmaceutical process chemists say the FDA sees several advantages to continuous processing from a quality control standpoint, mostly because it naturally ties in to continuous in-process monitoring.

  2. Here is link to recent article on the subject