Friday, October 13, 2017

Radio show: Mary Boyd, Berry College provost

Looking forward to talking with Dr. Mary Boyd, provost of Berry College, on Saturday, October 14 at 9 AM Eastern:

Questions for the audience:
  • Got a resume that you'd like us to review live on the air? We will actually do this (discreetly/anonymously, of course)
  • Got a cover letter that you'd like us to review live on the air? (discreetly/anonymously, of course)
  • How is the academic market these days?
  • Tips for a smooth phone/Skype interview
  • Tips for a good interview
What would you like us to cover? Some topics will be pre-chosen, some are up to you.


  1. I'd be curious to hear Dr. Boyd's thoughts on the future of chemical education (and higher education in general). Do you think that there will come a time when the traditional classroom lecture is entirely replaced by online platforms? What effect, if any, do the "free tuition" plans advanced by Andrew Cuomo, Bernie Sanders (et al.) have on the future of chemical education?

  2. Hey, that's a great podcast! Cheers!:)


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