Friday, October 13, 2017

Squeeze bottles of toluene

A list of small, useful things (links):
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  1. The resistance of PCBs to degradation means that the children of today's environmental analytical chemists will be identifying and quantitating Aroclors in samples using a GC with an electron capture detector. The EPA might no longer exist.

  2. Roman does such a great job on those infographics, I love them

  3. CJ - you might want to go to a title like "2mL Transfer Pipettes" or "Scoopula" (my personal favorite). Unlike
    your links and postings which are infinitely useful, LDPE that squeeze bottles are made of do not stand up well against toluene and usually show degradation within days.

    1. Not all squeeze bottles are LDPE! For hydrocarbons and DCM where I work, we have to use something else (I forget what), due to exactly this problem. Although maybe you are right, because the 'something else' is borderline useless as a squeeze bottle.


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