Thursday, March 22, 2018

ACS New Orleans Career Fair: 26 jobs, 422 job seekers

These numbers reported to the ACS Council this morning (data thanks to friend of the blog Chris Cramer):
Number of Job Seekers: 422*
Employers: 15
Number of Jobs: 26
Recruiter Booths: 15 
Résumé Reviews: 316
Mock Interviews: 139
*There was a change to the way that job seekers were counted, so job seeker/jobs ratios can't be compared anymore.

The job seeker to job ratio is 16.2 to 1, which is the worst for quite a while. Note that, in comparing to previous years, it may be difficult. Still, a tough year for employers. (I sense this may be geography-related more than anything else, but I don't know who the employers were at this Career Fair.) 


  1. The employers at the ACS New Orleans Career Fair can be seen by looking at the exhibitor floor plan:

  2. All kinds of equations and ratios are put forth to make it look as if situation is good. But, let us understand in simple English and that is, its bad out there, period.


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