Wednesday, March 14, 2018

That's the Midwest that I know

Evonik Industries declared victory for its exclusive synthesis division late last year when it announced the renewal of a long-term supply contract with Eli Lilly & Co. The German firm bought Lilly’s TippecanoeLaboratories in Lafayette, Ind., in 2010 and had been supplying the drug company with active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).... 
...The repurposing of the Tippecanoe site was largely accomplished under the direction of general manager Clive Whiteside. Whiteside, who started his career at ICI, describes the cultural conversion as a protracted effort. But he emphasizes that one element of culture has remained constant at Tippecanoe—a midwestern work ethic. 
“One of the things that helped us be successful—that we inherited from our previous owner—is a high-quality workforce with know-how and commitment,” Whiteside says. “America’s Midwest breeds hardworking people who are good at working together. And that is a huge advantage for a service company.”
Here's hoping that more people turn out to recognize that fact... 


  1. In grad school, I was never thanked and always told to do more. I then worked at a Midwest CRO for almost 2 years out of grad school and was never thanked once for 10+ hour days (no other chemist worked more than I).

    I moved to a larger company and am genuinely thanked almost daily by coworkers and numerous bosses for my hard work to the point where it is almost annoying. Funny how appreciation works...

  2. And Tyler too?