Friday, June 8, 2012

David Plotz can do better

I like David Plotz a lot. I was a reader of Slate early on, and Plotz's series on the "Nobel Prize sperm bank" was really fascinating history.

But Slate's approach to changing American science education is really wrong-headed. Here's the most terrible line, as far as I'm concerned:
America needs Thomas Edisons and Craig Venters, but it really needs a lot more good scientists, more competent scientists, even more mediocre scientists.
As Derek might say, Gott in Himmel! Speaking of which, Dr. Lowe has written a very clear response; I can't really add anything to what he has to say. I also wanted to highlight See Arr Oh's parody. It really has the right tone:
America needs Thomas Kinkades and Andy Warhols, but it really needs a lot more good artists, more expressive artists, more mediocre artists, and more starving artists.
Exactly. Go over there and read, and enjoy.  

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  1. Unstable IsotopeJune 11, 2012 at 9:39 AM

    Laziest media articles: "both sides are equally to blame"

    2nd laziest media articles: "America needs more STEM grads"


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