Friday, June 15, 2012

14 great things about a hard hat

Comfy, too!
  1. If you put it under your arm the right way, you can kind of imagine yourself like an astronaut walking to the launch pad. 
  2. Makes for grand gestures when you sweep your hard hat off your head.
  3. The inside is a great place to put a picture of your kids, family, etc. 
  4. A hard hat is a good place for that "NAICS 325 and PROUD OF IT" bumper sticker.
  5. As they get older and grungier, they get more character. 
  6. Makes your lab-only friends jealous when you post pics. (Kidding!) 
  7. When the plant manager asks you what to do, you can pretend like you're thinking by tugging on it. 
  8. They protect your head from banging into pipes (ouch!) 
  9. The smell of the sweat on the inside will calm down nervous horses, anxious owners and other beasts.
  10. When upside down, handy place to put your glasses when you're putting on your respirator. 
  11. Can store snacks, gloves, spare copy of The Merck Index inside. 
  12. Another stalling tactic to think: quickly remove your hard hat, scratch your head really hard, put it back on. 
  13. I hear tell that ladies like a man in a hard hat and steel-toed boots. 
  14. They protect your head from falling objects. 
Have a good weekend!


  1. Also, nothing feels like a more perfect summation of "a good day's work" than having to remove your hard hat to wipe your brow and look with consternation at the stain developing on the sweatband Velcroed to the harness.

    (What's that? You don't have one of those? You must not be working hard enough.)


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