Thursday, June 14, 2012

Want to work in Oklahoma or Vancouver, BC

From the e-mail inbox, a couple of positions:

Oklahoma City, OK: CoMentis is looking for a M.S. chemist with 5-10 years of experience for a position as a medicinal chemist.

Vancouver, BC: A variety of positions (including a couple of M.S. process chemist positions) for QLT, Inc. in British Columbia. Not your typical destination, but you might be able to spend some time in Stanley Park, right? 


  1. Vancouver is a big city, but they don't have a lot of jobs for PhD chemists (or at least they didn't traditionally), which is a bit sad considering that the city has two big universities cranking out PhDs (and the degrees below that). The nearest big Canadian city is 800 kilometers away and Seattle is 300 kilometers away. UBC has a big concentration of organometallic professors, but no place for the chemists to be employed. Now it has some sort of a pharma/biotech industry, but it still doesn't help the organometallic people. I guess the thinking is that if you graduate enough then some of them will start up a company or other companies will be attracted to the region, but it suckes when you just graduate. If you're from the city and want to do grad school, don't expect to stick around when you graduate (no matter where you go to grad school).

    Due to extreme distances from other places of civilization, this might be a problem if you want to see your family on the weekends. A lot of people just don't leave and end up doing crappy jobs even with a PhD or a Masters. I know a few of them. Now at least you can realistically expect to be employable in the city if you have a Masters, but obviously I'm not. My ex tailored her studies to get a job that would allow her to stay in the city, but I wasn't that smart and now I'm a PhD chemist.

    Stanley Park is the least of the attractions for people who live there (btw).

    1. Thanks for the info, anon! It's been 10-15 years since I've been to Vancouver (and I was a kid) so I beg your forgiveness. The first attraction for me, now, would be the Chinese cuisine.

    2. Well, uh, since you probably can see from where the comments come, you'll know I'm a regular commenter (who doesn't want to give away that they lived in Vancouver), but if you want advice on which places to see, I could tell you where to go outside of Stanley Park. Chinese food you can get anywhere really. Even authentic stuff is not too hard to find unless you're outside of North America. Vancouver is good for cheap good quality sushi and Korean/Vietnamese stuff.


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