Monday, June 4, 2012

Happy Lab PPE Day!

I love this picture of prescription eye glass sideshields;
such an important, neglected part of lab eyewear safety.
Credit: @kzrt
Good morning! It's the inaugural Lab PPE Day, where we're celebrating the wearing of appropriate personal protective equipment for the laboratory!

Stay tuned here and at the official Lab PPE Day Tumblr for updates!

If you want to participate, e-mail your picture to labppeday -at- gmail/dot/com or Tweet it to @LabPPEDay!

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  1. The current style in regular and safety glasses are relatively narrow (vertically) lenses, similar to the one in the photo on Tumblr submitted by @kzrt. I think ones with larger lenses, like those shown in the photo from @bat_the_hat, would provide better protection. Larger lenses are also desirable for visitor’s safety glasses because they will fit over regular eyewear.


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