Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Roche closing Nutley, NJ site, cutting 1000 jobs

Via C&EN's Lisa Jarvis, bad news in New Jersey:
Closure of US site in Nutley, New Jersey expected to result in a reduction of around 1’000 positions. Respective R&D activities to be consolidated in Basel and Schlieren (Switzerland) and Penzberg (Germany).  
...Roche Pharma will continue to have a presence on the US East Coast with a Pharmaceuticals Translational Clinical Research Center of about 240 positions.
...A location is being identified on the East Coast to focus on translational clinical research to support Roche US-based clinical trials and early development programs, support and maintain Roche interactions with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and enhance Roche’s collaborations with US based partners, such as academic institutions and biotech companies. This new center is expected to host around 240 employees. 
...As a result of the closure of the Nutley site, Roche expects a reduction of around 1,000 positions on the US East Coast. The transferred activities can be largely absorbed by the existing sites in Switzerland and Germany with an increase of about 80 positions.
Roche is committed to handling the designated job reductions in a respectful manner and to finding socially responsible solutions for the employees affected. This includes informing employees who will be affected as soon as possible and providing appropriate plans and programs to support them during this transition process.
The new US East Coast Translational Research Clinical Center is planned to be operational by early 2013. The transfer of business operations in Nutley is planned to be completed by end of 2013.
Call me naive, but I thought we were mostly done with the Big Pharma site closures. I guess not.

Best wishes to all affected.


  1. "The transferred activities can be largely absorbed by the existing sites in Switzerland and Germany with an increase of about 80 positions."

    Wow. Those Germans and Swiss must be really efficient.

    1. It is more like 1700 positions! There used to be 9,000+ positions in Nutley but the Swiss have chopped it down steadily over the past 20 years. Keep in mind the Nutley site is what made Roche the company it is today. Valium, librium, rocephrin, librax, etc. etc. etc. were all discovered in Nutley. Without those mega drugs Roche would still be a corner drug store!! So much for Swiss loyalty!!

    2. "Swiss loyalty"? The Swiss look out for Swiss. That's what neutrality is.

  2. uh, Don Coiro? yeah, Roche is a chemical company, it is laying off at least 1,000 people, you may want to live with other relatives that are not in New Jersey at this moment.

  3. You are naive. It's not over until it's all over.

  4. I was layed off three years ago when Roche moved to South San Francisco. During my last day I asked a vice president of the company how long before it all closes down. He told me three years. There you go...he must have known something we all did'nt know.

    1. In 2009 I said Roche Nutley was closing down in tops 5 years. I had no insiders information, just analyzed the situation from outside (i left Roche in 2008)

  5. Nutley is falling fast.

    Roche is already neglecting the site and the parking lots are an eyesore of pavement and 4 foot
    weeds. Nutley is paying the piper. We soon will have a superfund site, once the EPA starts finding the skeletons in Mater Roche's closet. Nutley politicians cannot raise taxes and must now get rid of the town fat.

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