Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Daily Pump Trap: 1/29/13 edition

Good morning! Between January 24 and January 28, there have been 27 new positions posted on the C&EN Jobs website. Of these, 18 (67%) are academically connected.

Princeton, NJ: BMS is hiring an associate research scientist II for medicinal chemistry towards peptidomimetics. B.S. with 5 years experience, M.S. with 2 years experience desired. "Propose innovative ideas and technologies to accelerate efforts to develop novel millamolecules for complex targets." What's a millamolecule?

Zeroes!: EMD Serono (Billerica, MA) is looking for a M.S. chemist with 5 years experience or a Ph.D. with 0-2 years experience for medicinal chemistry positions. Looks good for someone. 3 openings!

San Carlos, CA: Novartis desires a M.S. (w/5 years) or Ph.D. analytical chemist in Pharmaceutical Development.

Sunnyvale, CA: AAT Bioquest is looking for a "postdoctoral research chemist":
AAT Bioquest is currently seeking an accomplished synthetic chemist. This position offers an excellent opportunity for a highly motivated individual to perform cutting edge research work in developing biological assay probes. A primary focus of the role will be route development and final compound preparation as well as complex problem solving in organic synthesis.  Major responsibilities will involve participating in the design and synthesis, purification and characterization of small molecules. Successful candidates will be motivated, creative, hands-on laboratory chemists with the ability to interact effectively with team members. 
Your Job performance will be reviewed within 12 month (sic) with an opportunity to become a staff research scientist. 
I would like to know, why not just have a probationary period and call this person a "staff scientist (probationary)"? Answer: probably money-related, i.e. so we can pay them less. In my opinion, calling these positions "postdocs" is bad, and needs to stop. A postdoc is supposed to be a learning/training experience and not an extended interview. /moralizing

Marlboro, NJ: Ashwin-Ushas is looking for a B.S./M.S. chemist for a position that's titled "chemist-scientist." It sounds interesting, with applications in conducting polymers, electrochemistry, organic chemistry and materials science. Pay is interesting, in that it's a range from 45-80k. 

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