Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Process Wednesday bonus: making lots of stuff while making money

See Arr Oh suggested I participate in "Up-Goer Five"-speak, which is describing your job while using the thousand most common words in the English language:
In my job, I make plans to make lots of stuff. When you make lots of stuff, you have to do it different than if you make little bits of stuff.  
First, someone says they will buy lots of stuff from my team. Then, we plan to make the stuff in little bits. We find out how other people made the stuff in books; sometimes they tell people how they did it. Sometimes, we can do what they said they did. Sometimes, we can not. Sometimes, people made stuff in ways that make sense; sometimes, they did not. Sometimes, people made stuff in ways that can not be done when we make lots of stuff. Then, we have to figure out how to change it to a better way. Sometimes, there are many steps to make the stuff. We try to take away as many steps as possible; each step takes time and money. We make the stuff in little bits. 
We also make sure the stuff is good enough. There are lots of ways to make sure the stuff is good enough; we ask the person buying the stuff how to make sure the stuff is good enough.  
We say ahead of time how we are going to make the stuff, and how good it is going to be. We have people to make sure the stuff is as good as we say that it is going to be.  
Then, we give it to another team that actually makes the stuff, along with our plan. We tell them about the plan. They follow (sometimes) the plan and they make some stuff, more than we made. They dry the stuff, and we make sure the stuff is good. Once that is done, they make LOTS of stuff. When that happens, my team and I can worry. We stay up all night sometimes to make sure the stuff is good. After they dry the stuff and we make sure it's good, we send it to the people who are buying it and they say it is good.  
Then, they give us money. Sometimes, they ask us to make the stuff again. Sometimes, they do not.  
Making stuff is always fun, but making lots of stuff is even more fun, but it can make you very nervous.
Readers, how do you think I did? If you want to try it, here's the link to the text editor that will tell you when you went outside of the list.


  1. Harder challenge: Up-Goer Five in 140

  2. I am a student, learning how to be a real person and how to make new ideas for the world. I do what I'm told, sometimes a little more and usually a lot more. I try make a lot of new things and think outside the box, but I run into a lot of problems that I need to figure out by myself. After five years, I get to be a real person with a real job, if I'm good enough, but probably not. Instead, I get to work even more for a long time, until someone feels sad enough to give me a job, or I decide to do something else.


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