Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Daily Pump Trap: 1/8/13 edition

Good morning! Between January 3 and January 7, there were 60 new positions posted on the C&EN Jobs website. Of these, 18 (30%) were academically connected and 32 (53%) were from Kelly Scientific Resources.

Cambridge, MA/Zeroes!: It's been a while for the zeroes tag. Look at that -- Vertex is hiring a Ph.D. medicinal chemist, with zero to 3 years of experience. There's only one problem...:
Details, details...

Unknown, unknown: AbbVie is hiring 2 M.S. analytical chemists for cGMP-related work. Naturally, the listings are not showing up on AbbVie's new careers website.

Rockville, MD: The US Pharmacopeia is hiring a chemical medicines scientific liaison; you know, they don't pay too bad. M.S./Ph.D. plus 5/7 years of experience with USP tests needed.

Who is BASF and AMRI looking for?: When jobs are thin at C&EN, I'm going to be looking at the Chemical Week 75 and their constituents. Today, we're going with BASF and AMRI. For the search term "chemist", BASF shows 8 positions in the US and AMRI shows 3 positions.


  1. Work for nothing? I thought this was Chemjobber not Chemslaver.

  2. I have a sense that it is an error. The C&EN Jobs software must be very buggy; I see all sorts of stupid errors.

  3. LOL..maybe unpaid was an error or maybe unpaid internship is creeping into the chem. Industry.

  4. Don't be surprised if there are takers. There are people willing to work for free to get experience or a foot in the door.

    1. Once again, I am positive this is an error.

    2. it could be that 'unpaid' is the default value when no salary info is given or the wrong box checked etc. There have been a few ads for a 'confidential' company where the text of the ad started with 'company X, a world leader in y, is ...'

      The speciallisation field is also wrong about half of the time.

    3. Or it could be paid, but they put in unpaid on purpose, because they only wanted to interview the people who were really 'hardcore' and 'dedicated', or 'smart' enough to see through their ruse.

  5. There's also a job for BS/MS organic chemist at AbbVie.com

    Here's the Qualifications (from the site)...

    Basic Qualifications:
    ○ MS degree in chemistry or BS degree in chemistry with 0-7 years laboratory experience
    ○ Broad range of functional expertise in modern synthetic organic chemistry, compound purification, spectral analysis and interpretation
    ○ Ability to search the chemical literature to ascertain viable approaches to synthetic problems
    ○ Willingness to work occasional nights and weekends when necessary

    Preferred Qualifications:
    ○ Experience doing synthetic method development, new reaction discovery, study of reaction mechanism or total synthesis
    ○ Record of scientific accomplishment with author credit in peer-reviewed publications
    ○ Ability to independently lead own chemistry research and effectively function in a goal-oriented team environment


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