Monday, January 14, 2013

More on graduate school in chemistry and mental health

I'm going for uplift this week (trying to, anyway), but I thought I should note a couple of things:
  • Dave Collum has shown up in the comments and given his two cents about picking groups in graduate school. 
  • A wonderful perspective on changing groups in graduate school from @Organometallica. 
  • Here's another good post on changing groups and mental health, from a looking-back perspective; it's good stuff (especially the reminder that 1) grad school living conditions can be horrible and 2) it can have an effect on you.))
    • It reminds me of the crummy apartment that I lived in with my wife the last two or so years in grad school, where a group of men would gather every Saturday night and throw empty beer bottles in the parking lot under our window. Good times.
This is obviously an important topic, so we'll be revisiting it periodically. Thanks for all the comments -- I have really appreciated them. 

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