Monday, August 19, 2013

ACS is trial extending unemployment waivers to 3 years

The last bit of Society news from this week's C&EN, from the Committee on Membership Affairs (emphasis mine):
Building on the bylaw change from 2012 to allow market testing, the Membership Affairs Committee (MAC) is creating new opportunities to enhance both recruitment and retention by initiating a series of five new tests designed to increase membership: 1) extending the two-year dues waiver for unemployed members to three years, 2) allowing members to automatically renew their membership by credit card on an annual basis, 3) offering incentives for early renewal, 4) providing introductory offers for individuals who join ACS at conference events, and 5) offering a $15 membership recruitment commission to the ACS International Chemical Sciences Chapters as a cost-effective, grassroots, international recruitment effort. In each case, the test is meant to identify new ways to grow ACS membership while increasing society income and/or membership or decreasing expenses.
I recall suggesting this a while back -- I'm glad they're trying it out. 


  1. It is a great idea but it would be nice if they figured it by themselves, and five years ago, rather than introducing it as a reaction to a declining membership figures.

  2. I was excited when I saw the first words of the title. ACS is trial. Hopefully that means ACS is on trial? Right? No. Not right - it's about ACS sticking it to its members with the automatic renewal scam.

  3. This is a great start but these points won't increase membership in the way that they are hoping for. Mostly, it will help them retain the members that they already have instead of getting new members (points 1-3). Sure, it will help them get some professionals (point 3) and a few collegiate members (point 4), but will those numbers be enough to make up for the loss in membership due to retirements and those changing fields?

    1. That's what point 5 is for. Americans not paying for memberships? Let's get non-Americans to do it! It's the same strategy graduate programs resorted to when enrollment started dropping. Americans realizing that chemistry grad school is a losing bet? Get foreigners to enroll instead! Added bonus: you get to use threats of deportation/empty green card promises over them as motivation!

  4. Shessh. If you're in a industry where the main prof org needs to extend unemployment waivers to THREE YEARS... that's 1/12 of an entire career!!

  5. Probably work as well as the digital edition of CEN. We used to leave it in the breakroom and people would flip thru it. No one reads it now...

  6. ACS will go on public trial for using the Acs name without authorization, they will be forced to use a different acroym. The name Acs is copyright by Gabor S. Acs worlds first trillionaire.


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