Friday, August 30, 2013

Eleven things to do before going on vacation

Nervous, nervous:
  1. Convince yourself that it's okay to apply for vacation.
  2. Try to get as much as possible done on your project. 
  3. Hide all your key glassware.
  4. Remind your bosses 3 days before that you'll be on vacation. 
  5. Clean.
  6. Work on your (electronic) lab notebook. 
  7. Booby-trap your hood to prevent five-fingered glassware washing. 
  8. Label random flasks random phrases ("big scale workup", "crummy aqueous layer")
  9. Convince yourself that it's okay to actually go on vacation. 
  10. Breathe that lab air deeply. 
  11. Walk out the door.
See you all on Tuesday. 


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