Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Not quite "No Pharma Need Apply", but close

From a sharp-eyed friend (who's looking for a job, of course), an amusing (?) ad from a polymer/coatings company.

You read it correctly:

"MUST have previous chemical environment experience such as polymers, resins or coatings--PHARMA does not meet this requirement."

Perhaps I would change the title from "Advanced Organic Chemist", to, um, "Experienced Coatings Chemist"?


  1. So all those polymer-coated tablets are made and applied by pharma chemists? And all the transdermal patches are made by pharma chemists? And all the controlled release tablets are polymer free too?

    If Derek Lowe were to interview for a job with me, the beard would have to go. You can't wear an organic respirator with it, and they're essential PPE for this job. (Sorry, Derek)

    1. Perhaps I am wrong, but I think there might be other ways of saying the same thing, perhaps, "3+ experience in formulation and synthesis of coatings or resins."

    2. "If Derek Lowe were to interview for a job with me, the beard would have to go."

      That's religious discrimination. You've been putting off inventing a better organic respirator because you hate the bearded.

    3. You're just jealous because the goatee makes people look good...

  2. Since when are there subject specific BS-level chemistry degrees? Back in the '00's there was only a BS in chemistry and everyone took o-chem and lab. The closest to polymer work earning my BS was a nylon demonstration during lecture with a video projection for people sitting in the back. Seems they also need to state "MS in chemistry, but PhD preferred.

  3. If they state "MS in chemistry, but PhD preferred" on the job ad, they will have to pay an MS/PhD salary.


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