Monday, August 26, 2013

Placeholder for chemical safety/#SheriSangji discussion

On Monday, August 26, the prosecution and the defense will be in court discussing 3 motions in the Sheri Sangji case. Jyllian Kemsley and Michael Torrice have done a very nice job summarizing some of the key points up for discussion. Read it here.

In addition, Jyllian has a long article in this week's C&EN discussing the state of academic chemical safety in the University of California system, following the settlement between the UC system and the Los Angeles County's District Attorney's office. It's worth your time, and there will be more discussion today.

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  1. I really recommend the long article on the state of lab safety in the UC system. They had to figure out basic questions like who is in the department (visiting scholars, etc.). Harder than one thinks.


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