Thursday, August 22, 2013

Podcast: 1st Lieutenant Cramer, Ph.D.

Today is part two of my conversation with Chris Cramer, professor of theoretical chemistry and Army vet. He talks about his experiences in the U.S. Army and what scientists who work for the military do:


0:30: How to pay for college? How about ROTC?
1:57: Prof. Cramer admits to being pre-med once upon a time
3:00: It is hard to get the Army to change its mind, but it can be done.
4:20: You're a Ph.D. in chemistry -- isn't it time to join the Army?
4:47: "Crossed retorts"
5:10: 1st Lieutenant Cramer goes to Korea
7:58: 1st Lieutenant Cramer finally gets to do some science (after some maneuvering)
11:00: "Real computing power"
12:59: What do scientists who work for the military do?
15:13: What about funding?
17:16: He who pays the piper...?
17:51: What's Prof. Cramer's favorite part of Twitter?

Once again, thanks to Professor Cramer for sharing his time. 


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  2. I tried to join the Air Force after finishing my PhD in chemistry. I was told I was about 3 months too old when I was 29 to be come an officer.


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