Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Credit: detail of this photo
An interesting detail noticed by Twitter user mem_somerville at the Rally for Science in Boston this past weekend.

Does anyone know who this person is? I wouldn't mind helping them out.

UPDATE: They've been found. 


  1. I've been eyerolling at the recent wave of science protests/rallies because I figured the people behind them are the same ones constantly crying about a "STEM shortage."

  2. He's been found.

  3. I'm not sure if this rally is related to the anti-Trump folks or not. If we assume it is, it seems that if you are an unemployed Ph.D. the rally for science is not for you. Your best shot at getting a job is through empowered industry. I think a big part of the rally for science is related to climate change and the President's unwillingness to embrace it. But if being an unemployed scientist is your gripe, then you might want to reconsider participation in these rallies, or at least not advertise the fact that you are unemployed, because the steps that would help you get employed are likely the opposite of what the rally organizers want.

    1. Based on my Facebook friends, the people supporting these rallies most vocally are academic chemists, and are usually the same individuals who honestly believe the ACS's talk of a scientist shortage.

      I agree with your comment - my academic friends think more EPA regulations are a great idea because most of them are oblivious to the realities of the current state of the chemical industry. It's easy to call for more regulation of chemical companies if you believe the job market for chemists is fantastic.


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