Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Ivory Filter Flask: 2/14/2017 edition

A few of the academic positions posted at C&EN Jobs:

Kent, OH: Kent State University is searching for a tenure-track professor of analytical chemistry.

Madison, FL: North Florida Community College is looking for a chemistry instructor. (M.S. desired.)

Hillsdale, MI: Hillsdale College is looking for a visiting assistant professor.

Shreveport, LA: Centenary College of Louisiana is looking for a visiting assistant professor of analytical chemistry.

Montreal, QC: Concordia University (in Canada) is looking for a biochemistry postdoc. Posted salary is $47,500. (That's a remarkably close number to the magic postdoc number.)


  1. Except that the Concordia post-doc salary is in Canadian dollars, equivalent to about $36,000 USD, and the USA Department of Labor guidelines would not apply outside of the USA in any case.

    1. Yeah, I just think it's an interesting coincidence.


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