Friday, February 24, 2017

VX nerve agent?

That's the word from the Malaysian government on what killed Kim Jong-Un's half-brother. The DPRK is the gift that keeps giving. 


  1. I worked in the area pesticides while part of Union Carbide and these are deadly agents that targets acetylcholinesterase at the synapse. Death over period of minutes is assured! The parent company ICI who made this agent ( that is odourless!) withdrew from the market because of its safety margin (10 mg is enough over the skin to kill ya!).

  2. I'm curious because it's been reported that it was a binary set up. Usually sulfur of some sort is combined with the precursor compound. It looks similar to the synthesis of the actual compound in one go except that the synthesis of pure VX requires elevated temperatures. I'm wondering how the binary mixture forms the VX when mixed without the elevated temperatures that the regular synthesis requires for the last isomerization step.


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