Friday, February 3, 2017

On the air: Saturday, February 4, 2 PM Eastern with L.C. Campeau

I'm looking forward to being on the air again tomorrow at 2 PM Eastern with guest Dr. L.C. Campeau, process chemist and chemTwittersphere denizen.

We'll take some calls and the second hour will be open lines.

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  1. Question for LC, but also relevant for dept administrators:

    Why are most industrial companies less likely to hire fresh graduates? What types of skills do industrial companies want fresh/new students from school to have? What types of exercises do they think would helps students to develop these skills? Would modifying the ACS accreditation be a way to address this "skill deficit"?

  2. My experience at a top 5 school has been completely different. The big companies come through here all the time looking specifically for fresh graduates (ie people due to graduate soon). It's the postdocs that get almost completely overlooked across the board.

    1. How many times has this happened, and was it from one specific group that the hires were made? Could you indicate the area your school is in?

    2. How many times has this happened?

      Every recruiting season

      From one specific group?

      Of course not, its a legit top university for a reason, it is prestigious and has many well known groups.

      What region? Well seeing as how there are only about 10 schools you could argue to be a legit top 5 department, I may as well not post anonymously if I tell you the region.

      Not sure what part of my statement feels hard to believe for you. There is a very real class system in US academia and the very high chance of getting a job with an industry leader out of grad school is one of the perks of attending a top school. Also bear in mind I am referring to industry in general, not just pharma, which I feel is something that people who post on this blog often forget.

    3. Huh that's interesting. At Berkeley it seems like the on campus recruiting for big pharma and large chemical companies (Dow, etc.) happens with both grad students and postdocs. At least several fresh graduates and postdocs from my husband's (traditional organic synthesis/methods) group have landed recently in those jobs. I'm more of a chemical biologist--that's a whole different job market, so I can't speak from personal experience.


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