Friday, February 11, 2011

By request

N.B. I've never played MtG*, so I don't know if I've done some awful faux pas here.

Card is parody of the "Raging Pessimist" card designed by David Tidd and Mark Tidd.

*Or any other role-playing game, for that matter.


  1. Dude! You need to tell us what happens when "you" are "tapped"! (Wikipedia it)

    -Dork from the '90s

  2. Time to break out the fullerene-shaped-die!

  3. CJ-Dude, is that really you? What's on your head?

    Back in grad school, there were some classmates who played World of Warcraft and had characters (gnomes, warlocks, elves, etc.) named after professors in the department.

    Anyway, here are some potential Organic Chemist-RPG traits:

    RESISTS: ill-effects of fast-food/ramen/alcohol diet, snarky comments by labmates, admonitions to bail out of a decaying field.
    AOE: Stinking up the lab with dimethylsulfide
    CRIT: 2% chance of landing a job in this economy
    BUFFS/UPGRADES: SCF-HPLC (+1 to compound resolution), CryoCool (+2 to kinetic selectivity), CryoProbe NMR (-1 time to degree completion), Rotavap Vac Regulators (-5 to bumpage)
    SPEC TREE: Synthetic Organic-->Materials Science-->Patent Law-->Tech Tranfer Operations

  4. Half-face respirator with a fit test hood.

  5. CJ, have you seen this appropriate contribution from PHD Comics?

    @Anon5:43 Don't forget: For each non-amide nitrogen in your target molecule, +2 to your time to degree completion!


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