Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Daily Pump Trap: 2/8/11 edition

Good morning! Between February 3 and February 7, there were 83 new positions posted on the ACS Careers website. Of these, 21 (25%) are academically connected.

Hmmmm: Merck, why do you do this to us? Of the posted positions, 45 of them are from Merck. Of these, relatively few of them are actual chemistry position. Sure, they're looking for a senior research chemist (materials characterization) and a senior analytical chemist, but they're also looking for a customer solutions intern, an administrative assistant and a payroll analyst. This is a little bit frustrating.

On the other hand: Clorox is looking for 2 scientists: a senior product developer at the Clorox company and an associate research fellow at Brita (an expert on water sciences is desired there.) Both are Ph.D. preferred positions. Hey, Merck, that's how you use ACS Careers as a resource.

Interesting...: The Population Council is looking for a Ph.D. scientist to develop pre-clinical formulations for contraceptives. Formulation experience desired.

No recalls here: Finally, the Toyota Institute is looking for 3 contract battery research scientists; M.S. and above is the desired educational level, as well as "[r]esearch experience related to at least one of following technical fields; electrochemistry, solid state chemistry, inorganic synthesis, or analytical chemistry."

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