Thursday, September 29, 2011

Daily Pump Trap: 9/29/11 edition

Good morning! Between September 27 and 28, there have been 79 new positions posted on the ACS Careers website. Of these, 20 (25%) are academically connected.

MMEERRCCKK: 45 (57%) positions from Merck today. Hey, chemists, do you want to do poultry research? No? How about being the "Repr├ęsentant des ventes, mandat temporaire"? I sure hope that means "representative of winds."

WOOD: Anybody out there a M.S. lignin chemist? Worked with cellulose? Weyerhauser in Seattle would like to hire you.

Deep, deep: How would you like to work at the "deepest underground ultra-clean facility in the world"? SNOLAB in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada is hiring a postdoc to contribute to the "design, construction, and operation of the liquid scintillator process plants for the SNO+ experiment. The R&D effort includes solvent purification processes, production methods for metal loaded scintillators, and the development of a novel assay technique using metal scavengers and low-level radioactivity counting to analyze Ra, Pb, and Bi level below 10-17 g/g."

Uh, doesn't that sound like a job for a team of engineers, guys, as opposed to a postdoc?

Newark, DE: Air Liquide is still looking for a M.S. analytical chemist to be a technical leader in analysis of pure gases.

When do they implant the chip?: The MIT Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research is looking for a faculty member. C'mon, you WANT to be a tentacle of the Kochtopus. Interested fields include imaging, proteomics, disproving global warming, single-cell analysis, systems biology, longevity research for the upper classes, metastasis, destroying the American middle class, stem cell biology, and novel approaches to detecting, monitoring and treating cancer. (OK, so I'm adding some stuff. And I'm kidding.) 

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