Friday, September 2, 2011

Not a trend, I promise, but...

Gosh, that's blurry.
Carmen has posted a nice collection of people's propofol structures, including SeeArrOh's. There was also a challenge by Unstable Isotope to draw chair structures. Mine are to the right -- I apologize in advance for the terrible lighting. (Don't know what happened to my camera, but it didn't want to cooperate last night.)

[Also, those were the 3rd set that I drew.]

Have a good weekend, folks. Enjoy Labor Day! (especially you graduate students ;-)


  1. I'm able to draw chairs facing in one direction better than the other (in your picture, the one on the left is easier for me).

  2. Nice, but what the heck did you do to your camera? Smear the lens with vaseline? :)

  3. How about some cis- and trans-decalins? Ooh, and a helicene and cyclic allene!

  4. I propose the adamantane challenge! Show crossed bonds, and don't lift your pen. With your non-dominant hand.

  5. @Leigh: I think CJ used a cell phone camera. Fortunately for us, CJ is a wholesome guy who wouldn't post certain impolite pictures that can be taken with a camera phone!

    @geernst: No dude, CJ should free-style draw a fullerene, nanotube, or carborane!


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