Monday, July 22, 2013

Ain't that a kick in the gut

Also in this week's C&EN, Pfizer expanding manufacturing in Ireland (article by Alex Scott):
Pfizer is investing $100 million to increase manufacturing capacity at its facility for biologic drugs in Grange Castle, Ireland, and a further $30 million to add new capabilities, including continuous production of small-molecule drugs, in Ringaskiddy, Ireland. 
In Grange Castle, the firm will build an additional mammalian cell culture line for manufacturing the protein-based rheumatoid arthritis treatment Enbrel. To be completed by 2015, the project will double the plant’s productivity, Pfizer says, and allow the firm to use it to make other therapies currently under development...
But wait -- what's the news for Irish chemists?
...No new pharmaceutical jobs will be created by the projects, however, which is a disappointment for a country whose economy contracted 0.6% in the first quarter of the year and where 13.5% of the population is unemployed....
Oh, well.


  1. Good to know that their low taxes for businesses are generating jobs. At least the extra tax revenue will help pay for unemployment benefits, right?


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