Monday, July 22, 2013

What happens when a Ph.D. chemist gets a PET scan?

Th'Gaussling is undergoing chemotherapy and is having some fun with his PET scans. Click here to see his longer explanation of 18F-glucose and PET scans. 


  1. Good job! And, I could not have done better in explaining the same. That said, I am working in this area and the name of the game these days is to integrate MRI-PET (dual mode technology!)for cancer and other diagnostics! Integrated machines are available and the present day leaders are Siemens, GE, Phillips etc. I am not including the Japanese manufactures in the instrumentation area. They are cool!

  2. Cool timing! I just tonight gave a presentation in my carbohydrate chemistry class about the chemical synthesis Ying and group did on 1'-deoxy-1'-fluorosucrose to be possibly used as a radionuclide in PET. What a fascinating field. I wish I woud have seen this video before I did it, I might've used it!