Monday, July 29, 2013

Where's the best place to look for a job as a chemist online? Part 1

I want to take a walk around the Web and look into the best places to look for a job as a chemist. I know there are a lot of places to do so, but some places are more suited to the job-seeking chemist than others. Here's my brief review of ScienceCareers and Nature Jobs, both job databases that are connected to a larger publishing empire (i.e. Science and Nature.)

ScienceCareers (search performed 7/25/13)

Search term "chemist": 5 positions
US/international: 3/2
Academic/industrial: 4/1

Search term "chemistry": 92 positions

Summary: Simple, clean interface. Links for "Apply Now" either go to the employer website or a simple form. Not a whole lot there for a working chemist, though.

Nature Jobs

Search term "chemist": 51 positions

For the week of July 22, 2013 (Mon-Fri): 15 positions (7 academic, 3 from recruiters.) US/international: 6/9

Overall positions (irregardless of date): 51 positions (24 academic, 15 from recruiters) US/international: 27/24.

Summary: Sparse interface. Links for application pretty standard. Lots of UK recruiter positions for chemists, a healthy number of recruited positions for the US, as well. (YOH seems to like to post there.) I note that it appears that Nature Jobs allows free postings by employers -- interestingly, there doesn't seem to be any seriously weird positions posted, even with that barrier to entry dropped. There's a surprising number of US pharma positions, some of which haven't been advertised at C&EN. This Pfizer process chemistry senior scientist position out of Groton hasn't been posted at C&EN; neither (I believe) has this Lilly biomolecules research advisor position. I wonder why?

It's also interesting to see industrial chemistry jobs in Europe (like this plastics position in France); those rarely make it into C&EN Jobs.

tl;dr Science Jobs has a paltry amount of industrial positions for chemists. Nature Jobs has a lot more, especially for non-US positions. Both have interfaces that are spare, functional. 


  1. Try, it's a new one that appears to be pretty good.

  2. I know you're going to do other parts to this post, but just in case you miss these two...

    Here's a Britain based aggregator that is academically focused, but there are some industry jobs in there. A lot of the jobs are not advertised on C&E News, Nature, etc... but they might use some strange English term for chemists, since they call assistant professor positions 'lecturers' so that outsiders won't find the advertisement.

    Also, there is a really good German equivalent that has a lot of jobs advertised, especially in industry. I wanted to ask if you could try to navigate it, because I'm interested to see how far a person can get if they don't know German, unlike me, but just use google translate or intuitive knowledge. A lot of the industry jobs are in English once you finally get to the search function, and it's really easy to get a work visa in Germany these days. It's from the German Chemical Society. You have to click on one of the categories on the left to sort industry from academia, etc...
    One of the links leads to this website in partnership with a newspaper for the elite of society, which everyone advertises jobs with.
    It's named 'academics' but it has a lot of industry jobs and if you search for 'chemist' you get quite a few in English.

  3. Then there is this useless thing:

    But strangely enough some of the few job offers are in English. There are links to different places to look on the right, but good luck with that. Still, a lot of us do know enough French to consider it. I'm thinking of the numerous Ontarians on here who left comments on your 'Canadian content' post, and those who lived in Quebec. Definitely language skillz will be more important than in Germany.

  4. Academic positions offered -sometimes before the ChemJobs website- at


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