Monday, July 1, 2013

C&EN: Chemical manufacturing employment flat in 2012

From this week's C&EN (article by the Business Department), the facts and figures of chemical industry employment for 2012 (which includes the pharmaceutical industry):
In 2012, the overall U.S. manufacturing sector saw a modest 1.6% increase in jobs, or 193,000 positions. The uptick did not reach the chemical industry, however, where payrolls were flat overall. And revised statistics from the Department of Labor show that chemical employment decreased by 3,000 workers in 2011 compared with 2010. [snip] 
...The chemical industry, which spent most of the 2000s boosting productivity, is now worried about slow global economic growth and is reluctant to hire. Still, in the U.S., the jobs climate has been more stable recently than during the past decade, which saw an average 1.7% yearly decrease in chemical employment. 
Meanwhile, the global pharmaceutical industry continued to lay off workers last year, including in R&D positions. Job cuts were announced at AstraZeneca, Novartis, Takeda Pharmaceutical, Johnson & Johnson, Human Genome Sciences, and Sanofi. Pink-slip deliveries can be difficult to track, however, and official U.S. statistics show that pharma employment was unchanged in 2012.
Good news all around, I see. Sigh. (Hopefully, next year's news is better?) 

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  1. They missed all the Pfizer layoffs. The CovX site was shut down this year.


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