Friday, July 19, 2013

Physicians, prescribe this graduate student Nuvigil!

Parody of this Teva ad for Nuvigil
Or, actually, tell her to get some sleep.

(But no, if you're Teva, you want her to have some Nuvigil, apparently. Sigh.)


  1. And now they changed her identity as 42-year-old emergency technician?

  2. Nuvigil is a "me too" reboot of Provigil. It's the same molecule, just enantiopure. [outstretched hand] 20 year patent please!
    I actually took Provigil as a grad student. It works great at first, but taken regularly turns you into a zombie that resembles the woman in the picture. It is a great drug for people who have shift work and need to take it to adjust to a new shift, but a wonderdrug that eliminates the need for sleep it is not!
    The most disturbing thing is that the need for sleep has been pathologized: "Patient presents with nightly blackouts that prevent her from accomplishing her workload, recommend Nuvigil"

    1. Really! Want to talk more about your experiences? E-mail me at chemjobber -at- gmail/dot/com. Confidentiality guaranteed.

    2. I expect it to become redundant with the introduction of new SadTech implantable mind control chips.

  3. You know how they attach little bottles of liquor to the big ones as a promotion? They should attach a little bottle of concealer to the pill bottle so people can cover up the dark circles under their eyes!

    I heard on CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Radio) radio that Australian society has a dialogue on sleep health and has regulations on how badly your employer can screw up your sleep. I can't find anything specific online, however.

  4. In his Autobiography, Ben Franklin wrote that he planned to sleep from 10 PM to 5 AM each day.

  5. I'm a huuuge fan of modafinil. Been using it, and for a trial period piracetam, since first year undergrad. Modafinil was incredibly beneficial to my degree, and I intend to continue with it.


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