Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday morning tidbits

From this week's C&EN:
  • Letter: The State Department's Fulbright awards need you! 
  • ACS wants you to envision the future of the Society. (Hmmmm.)
  • The ACS Council has its agenda set for ACS Indianapolis, including (drumroll please): "And through a special discussion, the council will address the society’s possible role in creating demand for chemists. ACS already offers a number of programs designed to help chemists navigate the challenging employment environment; the discussion will explore further actions that ACS and individual members could take to increase the number of jobs for chemists."
    • Now I'm wishing I was attending ACS Indianapolis.


  1. re: ACS Council. I don't get. How come they are not planning to discuss where's Carmen?

  2. Who is on the creation demand panel? I wonder if there will be any talk of limiting the number of graduate students.

  3. From the Fulbright story: In many cultures, age is an asset, too

    Save in the US. Here, you're just in the way.