Friday, August 1, 2014

BLS: 209,000 new nonfarm payroll jobs in July, unemployment up 0.1% to 6.2%

Fresh electrons from the BLS: the unemployment rate went up slightly (by 0.1%) in July. Nonfarm payroll growth was slightly lower than expected at 209,000 in July.

The broader U6 measurement of unemployment was up 0.1% in July to 12.2%.

Employment in the chemical manufacturing subsector was up 300 positions to 802,600. Seems like just yesterday that number was below 800,000; nothing other than a numerical milestone, really.

Unemployment was down 0.2% for college graduates to 3.1%; unemployment for non-high school diploma holders was up 0.5% to 9.6%.

All in all, a positive continuation of the "pretty okay" trend. 

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