Sunday, August 24, 2014

A dramatic reading of "A comprehensive overview of chemical-free consumer products"

As part of the Acts of Whimsy for this year's Geek Girl Con, I decided to make a recording of the paper that Alex Goldberg and I submitted to Nature Chemistry. I hope you enjoy. (One more dramatic reading on its way.)

Please, if you can, feel free to donate to the cause. Just like last year, if you donate and tell me, I will offer you a handwritten thank you note and for any donation of $20 or more, I will write a post of your choosing.


  1. The STEM Crisis is Real! by CJ Chemjobber. Now where's my checkbook?

  2. Too bad..... My checkbook is empty because I chose to study STEM. :-/

  3. And this link doesn't seem to be functional either...

  4. MCS Contributed at the "Silver" level: I figure $50 = 2x$20 +$10, so I figure I get two and a half boons from CJ. Discounting "half a boon" as no boon at all, I think I would like to see the Duck dressed as the Heath Leger's Joker and then Batman. Not the Joel Schumaker one either, Christopher Nolan's Batman was badass.


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