Monday, August 11, 2014

This week's C&EN

Lots of interesting things in this week's C&EN:

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  1. Re phosgene: For a kilo-scale consumption, there are vendors selling a CO + Cl2 systems for on-site manufacturing. Gram scales phosgene generators usually crack triphosgene solid nowadays. We fall somewhere in between when we make our monomers on a hundred gram scale, so a kilo-scale phosgene generator is way too big for us, not mentioning the arrangements... Eventually we got fed up with hassle of buying phosgene 20% solution (increasingly difficult to transport) that we switched to diphosgene, even though is a far more costly and the yields aren't always as good as with phosgene. But the handling is much easier, and there is less metal contamination (from bottle cap corrosion). Triphosgene that is not cracked does not always work as a good replacement of phosgene if you need a clean reaction and a minimal workup with a sensitive monomer product.


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