Monday, August 18, 2014

This week's C&EN

Some interesting articles here:
  • I had no idea that Sally Evans (Dave Evans' wife) was responsible for ChemDraw; it's really a remarkable #altchemjobs story, when you get down to it. (story by Bethany Halford)
  • Someone doesn't like that C&EN has a paywall. 
  • I'm still finding the rail car safety debate fascinating - DOT wants DOT-111 tankcars retrofitted and that's catching the ethanol industry by surprise. I think I'm okay with this, but I understand why folks who own these cars are squawking (article by Glenn Hess.)


  1. Showerthought: If ACS wanted C&EN to be more relevant to industry users, they could revamp their Safety Letters section. I know I can't be the only one who has monthly safety meetings where somebody needs to present a few slides on an incident with a discussion of root cause, etc. I've exhausted my supply since there hasn't been any new postings since 2012. I guess you can't force people to write letters to the editor, but there's no shortage of lab accidents to cover systematically.

  2. Is it pure irony that the article on retrofitted tank cars is hidden by the ACS pay wall?


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