Thursday, May 21, 2015

Daily Pump Trap: 5/21/15 edition

Been a while. Let's look at a few of the positions on C&EN Jobs in the last two weeks or so. 

Newark, DE: I've never heard of Taghleef Industries, but they're looking for an analytical chemist with experience in the polymer industry.

Foster City, CA: A couple of EH&S positions posted by Gilead, too.

Process positions!: One in Seattle (B.S./M.S./Ph.D., looks like), and two at DuPont Crop Protection in Newark, DE.

Rockville, MD: Someday, I'd like to understand what USP does better - anyway, they're looking for some reference standards scientists.

Cambridge, MA: I see that Warp Drive Bio is hiring Ph.D.-level medicinal chemists.

IP land: Steinfl and Bruno (Pasadena, CA) posting their usual position; a couple from the mellifluously-named Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, P.C.

Milton, DE: Dogfish Head looking for a quality manager.

I don't get it: Why would an energetic materials chemist (Virginia Beach, VA) need a biology background?:
Point One USA, LLC is seeking an entry level chemist (Bachelors Degree) or senior level chemistry student (Internship). The ideal candidate will have completed organic chemistry I and II with relevant lab experience. Candidates with a strong biology background will have preference. Candidates must be willing to work with hazardous materials (including energetic materials) under the guidance of an experienced chemist. Job duties will include maintaining chemical and consumable stock, setting up mock laboratories, and assisting Point One employees with chemistry and biology related tasks in addition to any other general tasks. 
- Must have completed at least 3 yrs of college in a relevant field.
- Must be willing to relocate to Virginia Beach.


  1. That would be awesome to work for Dogfish head.

  2. Someone from USP gave a talk at my school, so this is my recollection: USP is essentially quality control for all food and drug-related products produced in the US. Back in the old days (pre-20th century) people put all kinds of crazy stuff in food and drugs (or claimed to when they didn't). USP arose as a private entity to solve this problem and better characterize exactly what these various food/drugs should contain. A few decades later the government decided to create the FDA and rather than do their own QC they simply let the USP do that and enforce their standards. USP published some form of databook containing all these standards (which is continuously updated), and all food/drug companies are required to buy this book (by the FDA) to keep their own standards up and subsequently keep USP running. It's and interesting partnership where a private entity does all the work essential to a huge government agency.

  3. Based on the description, Point One is a contractor/subcontractor for DHS technical projects and they're interested in detection and remediation of what I assume to be improvised WMDs. If they are only 22 people, I wouldn't be surprised if they want the chemistry intern to be able to double in brass and handle routine biological lab preps as well if things get busy. Probably a good way to get some experience if law enforcement/national security is a field you're interested in, so long as one is careful to retain all one's OEM fingers.

    1. I did want to say how much I enjoyed the "OEM fingers" crack.

  4. I suspect the PointOne opening is for product development of training aids like Biological Weapon Simulators.

  5. @ Molecular Geek

    Bingo, I work for a (different, slightly larger) defense contractor in an energetic materials role. These companies tend to be heavy on the engineering side of things and lean on the chemistry/biology side. Therefore it wouldn't surprise me at all if they're hoping to double up on skills. It was one of the requirements when I was hired.

  6. Is that a materials chemist with an unusual spring in their step, or a chemist working on energetic materials? ;)

  7. Foster City - Gilead is currently hiring like mad (as I currently work there). One tip is to reach out to the Aerotek recruiters who are there as hiring for the lower positions are mostly through them for trial-to-hire positions. Two buildings are currently going up on the campus and as more space becomes available in June and later in the year there will be more and more listing posted.