Monday, May 4, 2015

Job posting: cheminformatics scientist, Schrodinger, New York City

From the inbox:
We are looking for a cheminformatics specialist to join our drug discovery team to help us achieve our mission. 
Play a key role in our drug discovery projects
Provide cheminformatics support to help meet project goals
Work closely with collaborators, other member of the drug discovery group and the company to drive our projects and our technology forward

Essential Qualifications and Experience:
Proven track record of applying informatics-based techniques to solve problems in real world drug discovery projects
Knowledge of key technologies and software within the field of cheminformatics (for example chemical fingerprint methods, SMARTS, chemical toolkits and machine-learning methods)
Development of Python and SQL scripts
Exceptional communication skills
BS Chemistry, Biochemistry or related discipline

Desired Skills:
Structure- and ligand-based design techniques
Advanced training in Computer Science
Link here. Best wishes to those interested. 

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