Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day; back tomorrow

Fort Rosecrans National Cemetary (credit: KSWB, San Diego)
Today is Memorial Day in the United States; it's a national holiday.

Back tomorrow.


  1. The picture on your Twitter feed from the Department of the Interior is pretty; not as emblematic of the topic, but really pretty.

  2. Given that any veteran can be buried or have their remains from cremation put in a National Cemetery, I'm not sure than any single picture save a few (like one of Flanders Field) would be emblematic of the topic. While Memorial Day (or Decoration Day) is traditionally a holiday to honor those killed in action for liberty, I'll take any remembrance of those who have served, especially after how the nation, as a whole, treated the veterans of Viet Nam on their return.

    We should take a moment to be mindful of the liberty that was given the Citizen of the United States by our Founders and look at the current situation of our government today as our representatives erode essential liberty away with every law and regulation that is passed. Thomas Jefferson, the one who said, "I would rather be exposed to the inconveniencies attending too much liberty than those attending too small a degree of it," is now probably spinning in his Monticello grave right now.

    Here's a link to a cartoon that got Memorial Day right:


  3. Not only our government, but also our society erodes our freedom, in particular universities and corporations. The term "freedom" is meaningless, when it comes at the expense of someone else's freedom.

  4. There is freedom and there is freedom. "Freedom from" - oppression, persecution, torture, and "freedom to" - pursue happiness, to trade, to work, to practice religion, differ in the level of violence justified in their defense.

    I find it easier to justify sacrifice in defense of freedom from direct physical harm, even if that harm comes to someone else. I am not so sure whether justification of sacrifice of life in defense of "freedom to" is just as easy.

    Life is wonderfully complicated, as long as it continues....


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