Thursday, May 21, 2015

Job posting: fluorine chemist, Synquest, Gainesville, FL

As my eyes were going to and fro on the Internet, a job posting from one of my long-ago favorite suppliers. Synquest is looking for a fluorine research chemist:
SynQuest Laboratories, Inc. (SQL) has an opening for an entry level fluorine chemist in our research group. The successful candidate will have an advanced degree in fluorine chemistry. The ideal candidate will have experience in the safe handling of toxic and corrosive fluorinating agents (such as F2, HF and SF4) and familiarity with autoclaves and high pressure equipment. A passion for organofluorine chemistry is a must, as is the ability to independently plan, troubleshoot and successfully execute efficient synthetic routes to target compounds in a timely manner.
Best wishes to those interested.  


  1. Gainesville - not so great place to live, but I am interested to know what the job is like; we had a chemist from Oakwood who is now the main sales rep in Florida and he was describing how he was running kilo scale reactions with SF4 in autoclave...

  2. I slightly worry about purple unicorns - doesn't Prof. DesMarteau (fluorine research) work at UF, or does the company use more people than his group can train?

  3. Alachua!

    Great place for cave diving.

  4. Hap, Prof. DesMarteau is at Clemson university; I think you are thinking of Prof. Dolbier


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