Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Ivory Filter Flask: 10/4/16 edition

A few of the academic positions recently posted at C&EN Jobs:

Madison, WI: The University of Wisconsin - Madison is conducting an open search for two tenure-track positions. "Starting at 90,000.00"

New Concord, OH: Muskingum University (that's a new one on me) is looking for both an assistant professor of physical chemistry (tenure-track, "w/expertise in instrumentation and/or computational chemistry.") and an non-tenure track position for a biochemist.

LaCrosse, WI: The University of Wisconsin - La Crosse is looking for an assistant professor of organic chemistry. Offered salary: $54,000.00 - 56,000.00. Wikipedia tells us "According to 2009–2013 ACS estimates, the median household income was $40,457 and the median family income was $57,744."

Huntsville, AL: The University of Alabama in Huntsville is looking for a professor to be the chair of the department of chemistry.

Surely, "Dean of Organic Chemistry Instruction" cannot be far behind: I feel like this Delaware position is a new one: "Assistant Professor for Organic Chemistry Instruction." Naturally, it is non-tenure track.

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