Saturday, October 15, 2016

View From Your Hood: Toronto edition

Credit: Christine Le
Christine Le, via Twitter: "Though I hate climbing all the stairs from the NMR lab, I get to see this amazing view each time #viewfromthehood #toronto"

(got a View from Your Hood submission? Send it in (with a caption, please) at; will run every other Friday.)


  1. I see a tower in the BG. Is it CN Tower or Seattle?

    1. The title says "Toronto Edition," so I suspect the former.

    2. Aside from the obvious mentions of Toronto, the Seattle tower/Space Needle also has a much shorter antenna compared to the CN Tower, as something to take on board for your future tower spotting endeavors.

  2. If this is the kind of view that I see, then every climbed is all worth it after all. There are things in life that are very hard to achieve, but once you get to the top its worth all the pain, something that I learned from Smart Paper Help website blog reads.