Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Daily Pump Trap: 10/11/11 edition

Good morning! Between October 6 and October 11, there have been 106 new positions posted on the ACS Careers website. Of these, 41 (39%) are academically connected.

Don't call us Big Oil: BP Biofuels is looking for an analytical chemist for its cellulosic ethanol team. Cool job -- San Diego-based.

The buck stops with you (apparently): Sandia is making a pretty big push these days, it seems, and throwing down some serious government cash. They're looking to hire Harry Truman Fellows; this appears to be the equivalent of an assistant professorship in the National Laboratories. 111k is the starting salary.

And more from New Mexico: Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute is looking for Ph.D. chemists to take postdoctoral positions in polymer/organometallic synthesis. Sounds intriguing. (Try the green chile stew.)

Sacramento, CA: Ampac Fine Chemicals is looking for a M.S./Ph.D. chemist to be a small molecule separations specialist; simulated moving bed chromatography experience desired, but not required.

Tempe, AZ: Park Electrochemical Corporation desires a Ph.D. (or experience equivalent) polymer chemist with knowledge of resin formulation. Check out this list of descriptors:
The Senior Scientist must be team oriented, and have the ability to relate successfully to a diverse group of people. • Must have the ability to perform and manage multiple tasks simultaneously, possess the ability to handle stressful situations and work well under pressure. • Must operate with a “can do” attitude. • The ability to maintain confidentiality is required. • High reasoning capability required. Must be able to assess any situation quickly and make sound decisions based on limited information. • Ability to apply common sense understanding to carry out detailed and involved written or oral instructions Ability to effectively deal with problems in different situations • The work environment is fast paced.
 Oh -- is that all?

San Luis Obispo, CA: Promega Biosciences desires a Ph.D. chemist with experience in polymer chemistry, nano-composites and surface characterization.

MERCK: 51 positions today; 48% of the total. Between the academic and the Merck positions, there's not much left. 


  1. No! Don't try the green chile...unless you intend to take the job and stay in the state the rest of your life. (Yes, it's that good!)

  2. Or you have parents willing to ship you either fresh or frozen from time to time.

    What's it take to find good New Mexican food in upstate NY? Maybe if the chemistry doesn't work out I can try starting a restaurant. Or at least a taco truck.


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